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Montgomery Mall – Chiller Replacement

Project Overview

Excel Mechanical Contractors, LLC was requested by an existing customer to review the chiller system operation at a site that we had not previously serviced.  Upon arrival, both of the site’s chillers were not functional, and the store was cooling using a rental temporary chiller.  We quickly identified the issues that caused the failure in both chillers.  We then expedited a rebuild of the primary chiller’s motor and returned it to normal operation, allowing the customer to return the rental chiller months ahead of their expectation (saving $30k).  Upon request to replace the backup chiller, we worked with our Daikin partners to quickly obtain a replacement unit, remove the old unit with associated piping, controls and pneumatic valves, and install the new chiller, piping, controls and upgraded automatic action valves.  The result of this project was that the customer now has two fully functioning chillers, a system that will work reliably and will protect their new equipment, and that Excel Mechanical was awarded all HVAC service and maintenance at this site going forward.


Scope of Work

Diagnosed chiller system issues causing two units to fail, rebuilt and re-installed one chiller motor, and replaced failed 220T chiller with new Daikin screw chiller, along with associated piping, controls, insulation and valves.


Project Teammates

Mara Restoration Inc, Aamik Crane, Daikin


Project Highlights